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Marina Abramović

Dates to be announced

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In 2020, the Royal Academy of Arts will hold a major solo exhibition in its Main Galleries of the internationally acclaimed artist Marina Abramović.

Marina Abramović has earned worldwide acclaim for her performance art. A pioneer in the use of the live body and physical energy as artistic materials, she has consistently tested the limits of her own physical and mental endurance, whilst also expanding her practice to embrace collective experiences. In 2020 she will take over the Main Galleries of the RA with a major solo exhibition.

Originally trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Marina Abramović Hon RA turned to performance in the early 1970s with a number of works that pushed her own body to the limits of danger and exhaustion. Grounded in her own experience as well as the broader social and historical moment, her works since then have eroded the boundary between art and life, using ritualised every day actions as expressive, communicative tools, in a quest for emotional and spiritual transformation.

Further information about the exhibition will be announced in due course.

Dates to be announced

Ticket information will be announced in 2019.

Main Galleries, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts