The Abramović look

Published 20 October 2023

Our range of Marina Abramović clothing and accessories has been produced in collaboration with the artist. Defiance and survival define the Abramović look.

    • Marina Abramović 'Spirit' t-shirt

      In any condition

      Abramović’s message of resilience, “The Spirit in Any Condition Does Not Burn” (taken from a 2011 work of the same name) is emblazoned in red on a white t-shirt.

      It’s a statement that runs throughout Marina Abramović, greeting visitors on the first wall of the Main Galleries as they enter the exhibition, featuring on the cover of the exhibition catalogue and available as an epic poster.

      These are words to live by.

      T-shirts sold out within weeks of the exhibition opening but are available to pre-order online.

    • Eyes closed

      Abramović is known for her deceptively simple performance instructions which have come to define the Marina Abramović method. Striking and instructive text unites the Abramović look.

      The ‘Eyes Closed’ umbrella, in signature Abramović red, features instructions for a meditative method, designed to ground you in time and space: “with eyes closed, motionless, listen to the sound of the rain”.

      'Eyes Closed' umbrella
    • Marina Abramović 'Survival' poncho


      Also in striking red, the Survival Poncho was developed by the artist in response to the present moment where “the simple word which appears in so many different forms is survival”.

      The poncho is one of three ‘survival’ objects. The Survival Looking Glass is a portable magnifier, which can be used to see things more clearly but also doubles as a tool for starting a fire. The Good Energy Keyring contains a crystal of clear Quartz. Abramović encourages you to carry it with you on your journeys and offer it as a gift to someone you connect with along the way.

      These are objects that invite you to protect yourself and others.

    • Looking Rock

      The Looking Rock hoodie features a red outline of a rock with eyes.

      “Rocks, for me, have eyes” Abramović says, “they have a memory, and they are living entities”. The rock motif was inspired by an experience the artist had while living in the Central Australian desert with Australian Aboriginal peoples.

      It suggests a connection with nature and the need to look carefully at the world around us.

      Marina Abramović 'Looking Rock' hoodie
    • Marina Abramović posters and epic posters

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