RA Lates: Night at the Palace

RA Lates

Saturday 3 March 2018
7 — 11.45pm

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Charles I: King and Collector

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RA Lates: Night at the Palace

The RA becomes King Charles I’s Whitehall Palace for an immersive and decadent night.

It’s 1640 and you’re invited to a spectacular court festival as the palace known as a Masque.

These extravagant celebrations combined poetry, music, dance, theatre and painting, and were performed for the King and invited courtiers, ambassadors and European royals. Held in the great halls at the Palace, temporary theatres and elaborate stages were set up to host a spectacular evening of entertainment.

The astounding special effects of masques were akin to moving baroque paintings. They displayed the King’s Godly power and triumph over unruly subjects, rebels and the forces of nature, reinforcing the belief in the ‘divine right of kings’.

At this special RA Late, we invite you to explore Whitehall Palace re-imagined.

Become 17th century royalty for the night and experience masques, banqueting feasts, revelling rooms with wild courtly dancing and discover the King’s hidden private apartments.

Please see your guide to the Palace below (with more to be revealed…)

Banqueting House
Dine in our banqueting hall while listing to dinner speeches about political gossip and royal scandal.

Ceremonial Hall
Our grand entranceway will play host to Baroque Remix, a classical club night with composer and DJ Benjamin Tassie combining baroque, hip-hop and contemporary-classical music.

The King’s Lodgings
Befriend a courtier for entry to the secret rooms of the Privy Lodgings, the King’s private apartments. Once inside, you’ll find artists, musicians, writers and unscrupulous agents who’ve managed to gain entry and influence the royals’ cultural tastes. These private bedchambers also display the King’s most precious artworks for you to admire, whilst mingling with the Palace’s elite.

Court Masque
Experience our recreation of an extravagant court masque, where you’ll witness ballet performances, live music and take part in ritual dances. Our immersive performances take place in a vibrant state set installation, inspired by the glittering celestial sets of architect and masque designer Inigo Jones.

Great Hall
Take part in a life drawing class in a Paper Theatre, hosted by Art Macabre. Models pose under a Palladian arch in masque costumes; sketch them, or add to the sculptural paper architecture.

Revelling Rooms
The finale of court masques were known as the ‘revels’, with wild and energetic social dances held late into the night. Guests to our revelling room can dance to live music and sip wine and cocktails.

The Wine Cellar
Step into the King’s kitchen and wine cellar for an array of themed bars and street food open all evening.

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Saturday 3 March 2018

7 — 11.45pm

Royal Academy of Arts

£35-£40. VIP £75

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