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Film Screening: Tarrafal + Q&A with Pedro Neves


Monday 2 December 2019
6.30 — 9pm

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Pedro Neves, Tarrafal, 2017.

Film Still.

What happens when our cities fail us? Explore the breakdown of city planning and the triumph of nature in ‘Tarrafal’ followed by a Q&A with director, Pedro Neves.

Tarrafal is a surprising journey into what was once one of Porto’s most problematic neighbourhoods, made infamous by rampant drug dealing and a raft of social problems. Porto is the second largest city of Portugal and in this setting, Pedro Neves questions whether city planning can and has addressed the needs of deeply deprived communities.

Eventually, Tarrafal’s community was transplanted to other parts of the city and nature started to take over, turning the place into a living museum of city development failures, full with the ghostly memories of those who had lived and, surprisingly, may have been happy there. Against this eerie backdrop, Tarrafal opens the door to questioning city planning by relaying the stories of those few who have resisted and stayed. It presents a compelling vision of life lived against the odds inside the ruins of failed urban ideas.

Director: Pedro Neves
Running time: 96 minutes
Language: English
Release: 2016

Utopia - Uk Portuguese Film Festival

With special thanks to Instituto Camões and Portuguese Embassy in London and Red Desert


Pedro Neves is a filmmaker whose documentaries combine a critical awareness of social issues with a poetic sensibility. As a documentary filmmaker, he moves between prosaic everyday scenes and ascendent moments of humanity.

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● Cancelled

Monday 2 December 2019

6.30 — 9pm

The Benjamin West Lecture Theatre, Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts

£15, £9