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Art born in the revolution: Russian art and the state 1917-1932

The Courtauld Institute of Art and Royal Academy of Arts international conference

Short course

● Fully booked

24—25 February 2017

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Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932

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Wassily Kandinsky, Blue Crest (detail), 1917.

Oil on canvas. 133 x 104 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg Photo © 2016, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

This academic conference explores the extraordinary diversity of art made in Russia during one of the most turbulent periods in modern history.

The Royal Academy of Arts, in association with the Courtauld Institute of Art, presents a two-day academic conference to coincide with the exhibition Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932 for scholars, students and those interested in the period.

Turned overnight into the ruling party, the Bolsheviks aimed to use the power of mass propaganda in order to establish their founding mythology and disseminate their ideas to an overwhelmingly rural and illiterate population. In 1917 the leader of the new Bolshevik state, Vladimir Lenin, proclaimed that culture should support political needs.

The first day of the conference is held at the Courtauld Institute of Art and aims to address the question of how useful visual art was to the revolution, as well as the ways in which cinema, printed media and consumer goods were used for propaganda purposes. The second day considers the death and immortalisation of key revolutionary figures such as Lenin and the consequent establishment of autocratic rule under Stalin, alongside the impact that social, political and economic developments had on the visual arts and culture.

Friday 24 February 2017 - The Courtauld Institute of Art

Day one: 2pm – 6.45pm (registration from 1.30pm)
Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre, The Courtauld Institute of Art
Tickets sold through The Courtauld Institute of Art website

Saturday 25 February 2017 - The Royal Academy of Arts

Day two: 10.30am – 6.30pm (registration from 10am)
The Reynolds Room, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts

£50 for day two (to include entry into the exhibition, refreshments and drinks)

Tickets for day one are sold through The Courtauld Institute of Art website

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

24—25 February 2017

The Courtauld Institute of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts

Day one at The Courtauld Institute of Art: Tickets available via the Courtauld website. Day two at the Royal Academy of Arts: £50.