Video: introducing ‘Entangled Pasts, 1768–now: Art, Colonialism and Change’

Published 2 November 2023

Artist Lubaina Himid RA talks to us about our next exhibition in the Main Galleries.

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    "It will seem like a journey through time"

    Next spring, we bring together over 100 major contemporary and historic works as part of a conversation about art and its role in shaping narratives of empire, enslavement, resistance, abolition and colonialism – and how it may help set a course for the future.

    Lubaina Himid RA, one of the contemporary artists featured in the exhibition, discusses how visiting Entangled Pasts, 1768–now will feel.

    • Kara Walker Hon RA, no world, from An Unpeopled Land in Uncharted Waters

      Book tickets for 'Entangled Pasts, 1768–now: Art, Colonialism and Change'

      3 February – 28 April 2024

      Past and present collide in this powerful exhibition.

      Artworks by leading contemporary artists including Sonia Boyce, Frank Bowling, John Akomfrah and Isaac Julien will be on display alongside works by artists from the past 250 years including Joshua Reynolds, J.M.W.Turner and John Singleton Copley – creating connections across time which explore questions of power, representation and history.