Video: Bob and Roberta Smith’s flags for Mayfair

Published 9 May 2023

This summer, Bob and Roberta Smith RA is designing flags to be flown throughout Mayfair in London. We visited his studio to find out the story behind the designs.

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    "I am obsessed with letter forms and words"

    For this year’s Art in Mayfair celebrations, Bob and Roberta Smith RA has designed a unique series of flags to bring a colourful splash to the streets around the Royal Academy.

    The project, called A Puzzle 4U, plays with letter patterns and the construction of words and sentences.

    Watch the artist talk about his designs and see if you can work out what the flags spell out.

    A Puzzle 4U will be flown on Bond Street, North Audley Street, South Audley Street and Duke Street, in conjunction with the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, until 9 July.

    • Installation view of the Summer Exhibition 2022 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, 21 June – 21 August 2022

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