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Artists of Oceania: Mata Aho Collective

Published 16 November 2018

New Zealand’s Mata Aho Collective introduce their spectacular 11-metre installation ‘Kiko Moana’, which hangs in the opening room of our Oceania exhibition.

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    Mata Aho Collective on 'Kiko Moana'

    “This work is formed around the idea of taniwha, a creature that lives in the water… We were thinking, what would this creature look like if it had to combat poor water quality?”

    Kiko Moana, by New Zealand’s Mata Aho Collective, is a multi-layered work that carries a powerful environmental message.

    Oceania is in the Main Galleries until 10 December 2018.

    • Installation view of the Gods and Ancestors room

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      ★★★★★ “A stupendous odyssey through the superb art and fascinating culture of the Pacific… A blockbuster and then some.” – The Guardian.

      Oceania brings together around 200 exceptional works from public collections worldwide, and spans over 500 years. From shell, greenstone and ceramic ornaments, to huge canoes and stunning god images, we explore important themes of voyaging, place making and encounter.