Friends excursions: The Charterhouse

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Thursday 27 July 2017
2.15 — 4pm

Booking is now open to Friends of the RA.

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Masters Court, The Charterhouse

© The Charterhouse

Led by one of the Charterhouse’s ‘Brothers’, our popular annual tour of this historic palace includes the Courts, Great Hall, Library, Great Chamber and Chapel.

Friends tour The London Charterhouse, which, in its 600-year history has been a Carthusian monastery, a private mansion, a school and a Jacobean hospital. It is now home to a community of ‘Brothers’ who live in a series of almshouses hidden behind a square in vibrant Clerkenwell. Friends will learn about Charterhouse’s remarkable history and the Charterhouse’s recent redevelopments to open to the public, with a museum having opened earlier in the year.

The Brothers are residents on-site, forming a unique community and Friends will have a chance to learn about living in such a remarkable historic institution.

This event is also taking place on 24 August 2017.

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Thursday 27 July 2017

2.15 — 4pm

Meet at The Charterhouse, Charterhouse Square, EC1

£30. Includes tea in the Old Library.

Booking is now open to Friends of the RA.

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