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Does identity matter?

A symposium on architecture and identity


Friday 15 June 2018
11am — 6pm

This event has now ended

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The Aviaries. A new house in the country, including an outdoor swimming pool, pavilion and lake. Situated in South Somerset.

© Mary Duggan Architects

Join us for a day-long symposium exploring the impact of architecture on the identity of a city, and find out more about the influence of social and spatial identities on urban change.

The London Festival of Architecture’s inaugural symposium will offer a rich exploration of identity in the context of individual and collective expression, place-making and architectural practice.

Identity can be seen as the intangible patina that has formed upon places over decades or centuries, or as a more synthetic recent invention by marketers and developers: either way it is fundamental to our understanding of the buildings and spaces around us.

Does Identity Matter? will bring together prominent architects, academics and commentators to explore how identity acts as a potent architectural force in shaping London. We will challenge how people connect and identify with their homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods and the city as a whole.

The LFA Symposium will explore the connections between architecture and identity through two expert panels. Building on specific case studies ranging from Shapira and Neve Sha’anan neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv to the former Ford factory in Dagenham, the first panel chaired by Rob Bevan will look into how a city’s identity can be pulled apart through various architectural and spatial interventions.

Then, a second panel chaired by Shumi Bose will delve into the role of architecture in the production of a city’s identity and will take a broader view, examining everything from the unmissable “icons” that define our skyline to the more technical but no less important impact of height restrictions on London’s development.

The highlight of the day is a keynote address by Mary Duggan. In a talk entitled The identity of the profession: starting again, Mary will share her experience of setting up two successful practices and the role identity plays in forging a successful presence in a marketplace that is abundant in talent. Having initially founded Duggan Morris Architects, she will reflect upon its commercial success and the lessons she has taken from it in establishing Mary Duggan Architects, and the role identity has played in creating her own distinct profile, focus and skillset.

Following her presentation she will be joined in conversation by writer, broadcaster and architecture enthusiast Tom Dyckhoff.

This event is organised in partnership with the London Festival of Architecture.

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Friday 15 June 2018

11am — 6pm

The Benjamin West Lecture Theatre, Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly

£25, £15 concessions. Tickets are available to purchase from the Ticket Desk