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An insider’s guide to the art market

Weekend-long art business course

Short course

  • 29 June 2019, 10am — 5pm
  • 30 June 2019, 10am — 5pm
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Installation view of Gallery III, Summer Exhibition 2016. Photograph: Stephen White.

Stephen White.

Led by Dr Anna Dempster and a host of art-world experts and insiders, this weekend course provides a unique opportunity to learn about the key institutions and individuals who shape the art market.

The trade in art and its market has been a central part of the art world since its inception in the ancient world and only gained prominence alongside the professionalization of the profession and the emergence of the art academies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. On this course experts and scholars will explore the role, history and dynamics of the art market through key institutions which shape, inform and guide it over time.

Although the art world and its markets are conform to some of on the same basic principles of supply and demand as many other sectors, the art market has its own qualities and is also characterised by a unique set of interrelationship between key players. Artists, curators, galleries, auction houses and museums are the justsome of the critical institutions (along with art fairs, biennials and publications) that shape the personal, subjective and financial values in art and create its markets. These actors interact to promote particular definitions of taste and increase demand among collectors for the work of favoured artists.

For this reason, the art world is often referred to as an ecosystem based on a complex web of interconnected organisations and individuals. This network is essential in shaping the contemporary art market’s aesthetic style, as well as its economic and financial valuations and gives its markets a particular flavour. Through real-life examples and scenarios, a range of art market experts will explore key players that shape this world –in an aim to both demystifying some secrets and debunk common myths along the way. Looking at art institutions’ structures, policies, goals and actions, participants explore how this network comes together to shape the art market and how value, legitimacy and legacy are created.

This course considers some of the following themes including:

• The interconnection between key players in both from a historic and a contemporary perspective
• Key actors in both the primary and secondary markets
• The sensitivity and complexity of the art world, specific characteristics and qualities which shape it
• The impact of globalisation and its affect on the behaviour of certain institutions
• The rise of new financial tools, digital companies and online platforms their impact on the market and its participants.

This course aims to provide a rapid overview of key market players, from artists and dealers to auction houses, museum, critics and collectors, as well as more recent and less well-known developments including in financial services and online platforms.

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  • 29 June 2019, 10am — 5pm
  • 30 June 2019, 10am — 5pm

Wolfson British Academy Room, Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts

£540. Includes all materials, light refreshments and a wine reception at the end of day one.