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Alternate Languages: confronting boundaries


Saturday 16 March 2019
11am — 7pm

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Rachael Young, NIGHTCLUBBING, 2015

Photo by Marcus Hessenberg

Explore the public and private spaces of the RA with performances, workshops and discussions that ask what unites us and divides us.

Alternate Languages is a day of free immersive performances, workshops and discussions in the Royal Academy. It explores isolation and connection, exclusion and generosity, and asks what unites us and divides us.

As disenchantment permeates many aspects of society and polarisation increases, we must transcend difference, overcome prejudices, find ways to understand and connect with one another.

Visitors will come across installations in unexpected places, movement and sound workshops moving through the buildings, performances and discussions that invite a critical engagement of our relationship with one another and with our spaces. We hope to expand the languages we have available to express and share ideas and create the opportunity for different voices to be heard.


Suzy Willson & Clod Ensemble
Thomas McCarthy
Alex de Little
Situated Practice (The Bartlett School of Architecture)
Rachael Young
Marcus Taylor
DisOrdinary Architecture
David Cotterrell
Inua Ellams
Benji Fox & Henrietta Williams

Selection of events:

12–1.30pm – Embodying Space, led by Suzy Willson of the Clod Ensemble.

3–4pm – Spatial Listening Games, led by Alex de Little.

3.30–4.45pm – Seeking Refuge, a panel discussing themes of difference, refuge and intolerance drawing upon the work of Clod Ensemble.

6.30–7pm – Confronting Alternate Languages, an informal coming together of artists and participants discussing the day.

A full schedule and programme of the free activities will be available here soon.

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Saturday 16 March 2019

11am — 7pm

Royal Academy of Arts

Free and paid talks, performances and workshops

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