Basil Beattie RA

Basil Beattie studied at West Hartlepool College of Art (1950-55) and the Royal Academy Schools (1957–61). He taught at Goldsmith’s College in the 1980s and 90s.

He is best known for his evocative abstract paintings, featuring architectural motifs such as stairs, tunnels and other apertures which lend psychological and physical complexity to his work. Typically he employs a muted palate of earthy colours and uses expressive, gestural brushstrokes. He is also a printmaker.

Beattie has twice been shortlisted for the Jerwood Prize and once for the Charles Wollaston Award. He was recently given a dedicated gallery at Tate Britain (2007).


Royal Academician


Elected RA: 2 June 2006

Born: 9 January 1935

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