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Meet the winners of the 2020 Young Artists’ Summer Show

Published 11 September 2020

Discover who won the People’s Choice award, as well as the most inspiring artworks in each key stage chosen by our President, Rebecca Salter.

    • We are all Stories...

      People's Choice winner

      “India (1998-2017) loved art – she drew, painted, took photographs and displayed her creative talents in many other ways. When she developed a debilitating brain tumour a month before her 18th birthday; losing her mobility, dexterity and some of her vision, India looked for new ways to express her creativity.

      This print, one of a series of limited edition prints she designed and made at a traditional letterpress in her home town, features in a short film India made in the weeks before she died in December 2017. Her film is called Inside my Head and can be found on YouTube.”

      India, Age 18, We are all Stories...

      India, Age 18, We are all Stories..., 2017.

      Print. A4 Landscape. Young Artists' Summer Show..

    • Portrait in Cool Colours

      People's Choice winner

      “Inspired by the work of Picasso’s Blue Period.”

      Saif, Age 5, Portrait in Cool Colours

      Saif, Age 5, Portrait in Cool Colours, 2020.

      Acrylic on paper. A3 Portrait.

    • Phew! We Can Still Get Trains in Lockdown!

      Winner of the President's Prize

      “I love trains. When Mum said we can’t get on the train because it’s lockdown, I’m autistic so it felt like the end of the world. I begged her to get some cardboard so I could make my own to get on. This is my Gatwick Express for Lockdown. I added sound effects on them for the door buttons, engine and announcements so they’re more real. Since then I’ve made a Southern Rail train and I’m building a Thameslink. I feel happy everyday now playing with them in my garden.”

      July, Age 11, Phew! We Can Still Get Trains in Lockdown!

      July, Age 11, Phew! We Can Still Get Trains in Lockdown!, 2020.

      Cardboard boxes, acrylic paint and glue. 455 x 510 x 2500 mm.

    • Coalza


      “This drawing was inspired by the tubes and railways in London and the waiting people have to do for them.”

      Jago, Age 6, Coalza

      Jago, Age 6, Coalza, 2020.

      “This drawing was inspired by the tubes and railways in London and the waiting people have to do for them.”.

      Charcoal. A2 Portrait.

    • The Mighty Yaris


      “I found the hubcap by the side of the road and was all ugly and oily. So I wanted to make it more colourful and not sad.”

      Daniel, Age 7, The Mighty Yaris

      Daniel, Age 7, The Mighty Yaris, 2020.

      Oil paints on plastic. 410 x 410 x 50 mm.

    • A Lesson in Perspective - Mammy’s Hame Toon


      “This was a lesson experimenting with perspective. The scene reminds me of where my Mum is originally from: Sanquhar in Dumfriesshire. It is a country mining village with old stone buildings and huge pylons in the fields beyond.”

      Ruby, Age 9, A Lesson in Perspective - Mammy’s Hame Toon

      Ruby, Age 9, A Lesson in Perspective - Mammy’s Hame Toon, 2020.

      Crayon and paint on paper. A3 Landscape.

    • Mrs Obi


      “Mrs Obi has taught me since reception. She is very kind and caring.”

      Jemima, Age 10, Mrs Obi

      Jemima, Age 10, Mrs Obi, 2020.

      Charcoal on paper. A2. Young Artists' Summer Show..

    • Elements


      “I like to dance breakdance. My sculpture represents the sounds I hear (the funnel at the top), the movements I make (propeller at the bottom) and the colours I feel when breakdancing. The blank yellow sections represent the moves I haven’t learnt yet.”

      Oscar, Age 11, Elements

      Oscar, Age 11, Elements, 2020.

      Recycled objects and materials, papiere-mache, acrylics and foil. 330 x 660 x 330 mm.

    • Journeys


      “I made this artwork in response to the theme of Memories, Narratives and Collections. I used my first independent bus journey as a starting point for the project, remembering the excitement of traveling alone for the first time.”

      Tasmin, Age 13, Journeys

      Tasmin, Age 13, Journeys, 2020.

      400 x 610 x 10 mm.

    • Stem


      “Simplicity is really important to me. It helps to calm me. With this work, there is one strong supporting line from which others are supporting each other and yet have their own sense of direction.”

      Woody, Age 13, Stem

      Woody, Age 13, Stem, 2020.

      Acrylic on board. 1220 x 760 x 40 mm.

    • The Matches


      “Claes Oldenburg inspired my model because of its style and how I do stuff. I had taken a small image of a match and enlarge it. This work was about scale for me. I also really enjoy making it as part of the process.”

      Samuel, Age 16, The Matches

      Samuel, Age 16, The Matches, 2020.

      Wood and modroc. A1 Portrait.

    • Map — Venice 2019


      “My mum holding a map up in our Airbnb in Italy whilst the sun lit it up.”

      Marcie, Age 16, Map - Venice 2019

      Marcie, Age 16, Map - Venice 2019, 2019.

      Photograph. A4 Landscape.

    • Non-Western Still Life


      “I wanted to use fruits and vegetables that represented a non-European perspective. I found these items on Peckham High Street. I think they really capture the essence of the my community and the diversity of the area.”

      Tabitha, Age 18, Non-Western Still Life

      Tabitha, Age 18, Non-Western Still Life, 2020.

      A4 portrait.

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