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Thomas Houseago: Summer Exhibition 2019

Published 7 August 2019

“There’s an experience that art can offer which is this strange combination of activating the eyes, the mind, the body and a kind of emotional spectrum.”

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    Thomas Houseago: Summer Exhibition 2019

    In this video, international artist Thomas Houseago discusses the inspiration and materials used in his sculptural works in the RA’s courtyard as part of this year’s Summer Exhibition.

    Ranging from monumental to smaller-scale works, Houseago’s sculptures simultaneously convey states of power and vulnerability. He uses mediums traditionally associated with classical and modernist sculpture – including carved wood, clay, plaster and bronze – as well as less traditional materials like rebar (reinforcing steel bars) and hemp.

    The Summer Exhibition 2019 is in the Main Galleries until 12 August 2019.