Tracey Emin talks about ‘My Bed’

Published 27 June 2014

Tracey Emin RA’s ‘My Bed’ (1998), one of the seminal works of the Young British Artist generation, goes up for sale at Christie’s on Tuesday 1 July.

  • The installation work, which Emin has described as a self-portrait, drew huge crowds when it went on display at Tate for the 1999 Turner Prize show and was bought by Charles Saatchi in 2000. Proceeds from the sale will go toward the Saatchi Gallery’s Foundation.

    We joined the media scrum at Christie’s London today to talk to Tracey Emin about the process of installing My Bed, how she feels about the work today and what her hopes are for its future.

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  • My Bed is on show at Christie’s King Street from 28 June – 1 July 2014. The Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale takes place on 1 July 2014.