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Video: Zatorski + Zatorski’s skeletal self-portrait

Summer Exhibition 2016

Published 4 August 2016

Artist duo Zatorski + Zatorski discuss their unusual self-portrait created from carbonised human skeletons.

  • For this year’s Summer Exhibition, co-ordinator Richard Wilson RA has put the focus on artists who work in duos – from the Chapman brothers to Gilbert and George. Among those he invited to exhibit are Zatorski + Zatorski, a London-based duo who have created an unusual self-portrait using human skeletons.

    In this video, they discuss what it means to them to work as a creative duo, and explain the origins of their work Self Portrait as Charcoal on Paper.

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    Zatorski + Zatorski

    “When you see the hip bone… That’s a Henry Moore. That’s what strikes you about all bones. They’re nature’s sculptures”.

    Artist duo Zatorski + Zatorski talk about their work in the Summer Exhibition 2016.