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Reading in the Life Drawing Room

RA Schools Symposium

Published 24 April 2013

A one-day symposium concerned with the management of reading, with Lucy Skaer, Angie Keefer, Nina Power, Cally Spooner and Natasha Soobramanien.

  • Far from attempting to isolate writing as an autonomous (art) practise, the speakers address the linguistic poiesis (making) as a model, or common denominator for constructions which may bind artistic practises to other things, places and professions. Language is a material that “every one who ever has or is or will be living”* produces for the same means and ends: we all read, write, speak and listen to maintain the inter-dependency of our various occupations.

    *“…some time all of them will have the last touch of being, a history of them can give to them. ” (Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans: Being a History of a Family’s Progress, 1925)

    Supported by the David Lean Foundation