RA250 stories: building a bridge that’s a sculpture

Behind the scenes

Published 30 June 2017

In 2018, our two historic sites at Burlington House and Burlington Gardens will be linked together for the first time. In this video, we look at the complex process of connecting two listed buildings, with a sculptural bridge that traces the line of an original garden path from 350 years ago.

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    RA250 stories: the link bridge

    The link bridge is a key element of the RA250 redevelopment project, uniting the RA’s two listed sites at Burlington House and Burlington Gardens for the first time in our history.

    Designed by David Chipperfield Architects (DCA) and executed by Alan Baxter Ltd and Sisk, the bridge is a complex feat of structural engineering that must also serve an aesthetic role as one of the most visible parts of the redevelopment.

    In this video, we follow the bridge’s journey from pencil sketches to the first concrete pour.

    Video: Warm Films.

  • The RA250 Stories video series goes behind the scenes to reveal the ideas and people behind the transformation of the Royal Academy ahead of our 250th anniversary in 2018. Watch earlier episodes here. This video series is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

    Visit the RA250 page for more information about the plans for our 250th anniversary in 2018.