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A glimpse inside the RA Schools

Published 27 June 2017

With the RA Schools show currently showcasing students’ final projects, it’s time for the exhibiting artists to say farewell to their studios and classmates at the Academy. Here, student Richie Moment shares a Polaroid yearbook of his fellow third years.

  • Explore the students’ studios transformed into their exhibition spaces in the RA Schools Show at the Royal Academy until 2 July.

  • Richie Moment Schools polaroids
  • Photos, left to right:
    Richie Moment, Sebastian Jefford, Jessy Jetpacks, Katya Lewis, Anikó Kuikka, Jack Burton, Fani Louisa Parali, Josephine Baker-Heaslip, Lewis Hammond, Brian Griffiths (third year tutor), Adam Shield, India Mackie, Dmitri Galitzine, Martin Groß, Zsofia Margit, Jonathan Kelly, Gabriella Boyd, Sam Austen.