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Quiz: who said it – Dalí, Duchamp or celeb?

Published 5 October 2017

Do you know your Dalí from your Duchamp? How about your Duchamp from your Donald Trump or Madonna? They may not have had Twitter to broadcast their musings, but both Dalí and Duchamp were notorious for their colourful statements… can you pick them out from these other quotable figures?

  • Our Dalí / Duchamp exhibition explores the surprising relationship between the showman Surrealist and the father of conceptual art, suggesting that they might not be quite so different as they first appear. Both were notable for a mischievous wit and a fiercely non-conformist approach – sometimes resulting in controversial and eminently quotable musings that could easily have been said decades later.

    We’ve taken musings from these two masters of 20th-century art and mixed them up with quotes from famously outspoken celebrities. Can you spot the difference and guess who said what?

  • Take the quiz: