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Podcast: Richard Diebenkorn, A Riotous Calm

Published 13 March 2015

Exhibition curator Sarah C. Bancroft explores Richard Diebenkorn’s consuming attention to detail and improvisational process that led to his magnificent compositions.

  • Whether landscape or abstract canvas, the work of American artist Richard Diebenkorn captures a sense of the light and place in which he worked, and reveals his mastery as a consummate colourist. The palette and pentimenti of his works are at once quiet and uproarious, subtle and unrestrained.

    In this lecture, exhibition curator and art historian Sarah C. Bancroft explores a range of Diebenkorn’s work within the context of what was happening around him in 20th century American art, in particular on the West Coast where he spent much of his career.

  • Now, the idea is to get everything right – it’s not just color or form or space or line – it’s everything all at once.

    Richard Diebenkorn