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Podcast round-up: Futures found – the real and imagined cityscapes of post-war Britain

Published 1 May 2017

Part of our current ‘Futures Found’ architecture programme, these podcasts explore the contrasts between the ambitions for Britain’s new post-war cityscapes and the varied futures that were subsequently created.

  • Modernism in everyday life

    This panel discussion explores minor modernisms – from illustrations in Ladybird books to the first chain pubs – pursuing a more holistic understanding of the period and moving beyond the canonisation of select buildings.

  • Back to the future: the remnants of Modernism's postwar ideals

    In a second age of austerity, when we face housing shortages once more, do the utopian ideals of postwar Modernism offer any kind of solution?

  • Concrete fetishes: the ghost of Brutalism's radical social agenda

    What are the causes of the strange resurgence in Brutalism’s popularity? Is it simply nostalgia, or does it represent a form of opposition to the politics that caused the demolition of so many of its monuments?

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