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Abstract Expressionism: podcast round-up

Published 20 December 2016

From a curator’s introduction to reflections on 1950s New York, catch up on discussions surrounding our Abstract Expressionism exhibition.

  • Abstract Expressionism was a watershed moment in the evolution of 20th-century art, yet, remarkably, there has been no major survey of the movement since 1959. The RA’s exhibition brings together works by Pollock, Rothko, Still, de Kooning, Newman, Kline, Smith, Guston and Gorky, and offers an ambitious re-evaluation of the phenomenon.

    In these podcasts, curators, writers and artists explore Abstract Expressionism, discussing its social, cultural and political context in 1950s New York, and reflecting on its legacy today.

  • An Introduction to Abstract Expressionism with curator Edith Devaney

    Curator Edith Devaney introduces the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ exhibition and examines the key concepts behind this artistic phenomenon, highlighting the full breadth and complexity of one of the most important artistic movements of the twentieth century.

  • Abstract Expressionism: an American art movement

    Professor Sarah Churchwell examines the social and cultural context that created this first truly American modernist movement and the beginning of New York City’s influence as the centre of the western art world.

  • Women of Abstract Expressionism

    Artists Vanessa Jackson RA and Clare Price, along with curator Gwen Chanzit from the Denver Art Museum, discuss the important female figures of Abstract Expressionism, and explore the relationship between artists and the gendered practice of abstract painting.

  • Abstract Expressionism and jazz improvisation with Evan Parker

    A discussion between legendary jazz saxophonist Evan Parker and artist and musician David Ryan, exploring the connections between free improvisation in jazz and the Abstract Expressionism movement.

  • Abstract Expressionism: revisiting the movement

    Academicians Basil Beattie, Mali Morris, Paul Huxley and Christopher Le Brun PRA discuss their personal responses to Abstract Expressionism and how the new approaches to composition, colour and scale influenced and impacted on the visual arts both then and now.

  • Abstract Expressionism: a legacy for a new generation

    Artists Gabriel Hartley, Lisa Denyer and Selma Parlour explore their connection to Abstract Expressionism and examine the extent to which the spirit of the movement may be identified in the work of today’s young artists.

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