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Podcast: Art critic Jonathan Jones discusses Moroni’s portrait ‘The Tailor’

Published 3 December 2014

Jonathan Jones of The Guardian explores the reasons why Giovanni Battista Moroni’s portrait ‘The Tailor’ is one of the greatest paintings in London.

  • Moroni’s The Tailor hangs in the National Gallery, but is often overlooked by visitors in favour of Hans Holbein’s Ambassadors or Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding. Jonathan Jones explains why The Tailor is so revolutionary, and gives a detailed exposition of the work. What is the nature of the tailor’s gaze and his relationship with the artist? Are they professionals, friends or perhaps something more?

  • Giovanni Battista Moroni is in The Sackler Galleries at the RA until 25 January 2015.

    Jonathan Jones is an art critic for The Guardian and has published several books on the Renaissance period.