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Manet and Bellows: Two painters of modern life

Published 12 March 2013

From 19th-Century Paris to 20th-Century New York, capturing the modern was key to these two virtuosos.

  • French artist Edouard Manet and American artist George Bellows were both painters of modern life – one capturing the world of 19th-century Paris, the other forging a career in early 20th-century New York.

    But the similarities between these two virtuoso painters extend even further than this, as Ann Dumas, the co-curator of the RA’s George Bellows exhibition, explains in this video:

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  • Manet: Portraying Life is in the RA’s Main Galleries 26 January - 14 April 2013, while George Bellows (1882-1925): Modern American Life opens in the Sackler Wing of Galleries on Saturday 16 March and runs until 9 June 2013.

    Ann Dumas is a curator at the RA.

    Amy Macpherson is the RA Website Editor.