Making verses

Friday night Late at 'Sensing Spaces'

Published 5 March 2014

The third Friday in February saw us host a multi-sensory experience in the spectacular setting of ‘Sensing Spaces’.

  • In addition to music from Emily McGregor, Paul Whalley and the Portico Quartet, and a flower installation by Rebecca Louise Law, we also invited Dan Simpson to curate a crowdsourced poem. Take a look at the results below.

  • Architecture is other people’s ideas
    about what our lives should be like
    the perfect combination of art and function
    it’s everything that isn’t you
    constructs us by constructing the imagination
    stretches the boundaries
    defines and embodies space
    “Where are we going? Where have we been?
    What’s discovered? What’s unseen?”

                I prefer older architecture
                with history and depth
                it was more of a craft
                now its more like construction
                a feat of structural engineering
                a frame to give order to surroundings
                frames that people must go through.

    It matters to people:
    one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor
    up and down stairs
    your sense of self is somewhat relational to your environment
    living together is about more than just efficiency
    it enriches our lives
    makes our cities
    creates joy and contemplation

                it can be alien and big and scary.
                I don’t feel like I belong in this place
                I’m not sure I truly understand this space
                all glass but I feel trapped
                I can see all of London
                so near but so far
                at my fingertips
                but there’s a barrier
                I’m enclosed – no air
                an enforced hibernation
                I’m contextualised:
                have less chances to explore the unknown
                my life organised
                needs limited

    needs answered:
    shelter when it’s raining
    keeps us warm
    makes us slightly higher than the floor
    creates awe
    epic spaces are transcendental
    the sense of being on your own is amplified
    makes you stand back and go wow

                feel insignificant
                you don’t really have a choice
                it’s just there
                influences without moving you
                it forces you to navigate
                are you moving around the whole thing?
                bland blocks of flats

    St Peters at Rome
    something that’s beautiful
    makes you want to be inside it
    can be life changing

                a brutal experience
                walled in, it constrains you from expressing
                changes your mood and persona

    changes your mood and persona
    makes us smile
    free within ourselves

    sometimes we move architecture

                it’s a façade: the rest is empty.

    Architecture is a little bit of ourselves.

    Sensing Spaces is in the Main Galleries at the RA until 6 April 2014.