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Life drawing with Romeo the pony

Published 6 January 2021

Two legs good, four legs better? Grab your pencils and sketch this tiny pony in two short poses from our 2019 event #LifeDrawingLive: the anatomy class.

  • What you need

    Some paper and a pen or pencil is all you really need to take part – if all you’ve got is a napkin and a biro, that’s just fine – although you could also work with pastels, charcoal or any other materials you want to try. We recommend you watch on a desktop and go full-screen if you can, to get the best possible view of the model.

    Share your work

    We’d love to see your sketches. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to share photos of your drawing with the hashtag #LifeDrawingShorts.

  • Pony pose one

  • Pony pose two


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