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Video: Gilbert & George in conversation with Tim Marlow

Published 4 May 2017

“We wanted to have an art that could deal with emotion, with life and death and hope and fear and friendship.”

  • Watch newly elected Gilbert & George RA discuss their art and vision with the RA’s Artistic Director, Tim Marlow.

    Gilbert & George began creating art together in 1967, when they met at St Martin’s School of Art in London. They believe that everything is potential subject matter for their art and have always addressed social issues, tested taboos and challenged artistic conventions. The backdrop and inspiration for much of Gilbert & George’s art is the East End of London, where they have lived and created art for nearly 50 years. From street signs to vistas of urban grandeur and decay, their art is both an ongoing portrait of a city and our world and a reflection on the human condition.

  • We’ve never lost the childish excitement of making new pictures.

    Gilbert & George RA

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    Watch Gilbert & George RA in conversation with Tim Marlow. This event was broadcast live from the Royal Academy on 25 April 2017.

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    Please note: this recording includes explicit language.