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Podcast catch-up: Technology is the answer, but what was the question?

Published 25 May 2018

A series of events in the Benjamin West Lecture Theatre considered the title’s provocation, by architect Cedric Price. Catch up on all the events here…

  • First pondered by architect Cedric Price in 1966, this question is as relevant as ever. Traditionally presented as an answer to human needs and limitations, technology is now also transforming the way architecture is produced and the ways in which we interact with it, fostering adaptation and change in both individual and collective behaviour. Its impact has long been overlooked, creating an increasing techno-scepticism that is repositioning the human relationship to machines and their subsequent wider impact.

    Catch up with these audio recordings to hear from architects, artists, designers, scientists, critics and academics, exploring how technology can challenge, interrogate and contribute to contemporary architectural practice.

  • What are digital innovations doing to our cities?

    Catch up with this panel discussion exploring the impact of today’s technologies on architecture.

  • Are we approaching a digital building culture?

    Hear how architects Gramazio Kohler combine building design with robotic technology and innovative material research.

  • Exploring the city's blanket of digital networks

    Catch up with this talk from architect and engineer Carlo Ratti, discussing how layers of digital information are radically transforming our cities and lives.

  • Automation, gender and labour: what next?

    This panel discussion explores how architecture and robotisation can help create inclusive, liveable, socially aware cities that embrace the full gender spectrum.

  • What will we build in outer space?

    Catch up with this panel discussion on extra-terrestrial architecture and the questions it raises.

  • What is the future of digital technologies in the home?

    In association with our Invisible Landscapes project in the new Architecture Studio, Anna Puigjaner of Barcelona-based architecture practice MAIO explores the impact that smart technologies like Alexa and sharing economy platforms like Airbnb and Deliveroo are having on our domestic spaces.

    • Visit Invisible Landscapes

      Until March 2019

      Discover more about how digital technologies are transforming our lives and everyday environments in a series of projects inside the RA’s new Architecture Studio.

      In the first project, Barcelona-based architecture practice MAIO are interrogating the impact of smart technologies, sharing economy platforms and apps on domestic spaces and how these may be altering the meaning of home. Explore the home as not simply an isolated space but part of a wider system where the boundaries between public and private, urban and domestic spheres are blurred.

      Invisible Landscapes: Home (Act I) by MAIO


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