Building the show: coat racks and carpenters

Sensing Spaces

Published 15 January 2014

The emerging installations give me a thrill as I walk through the galleries, checking drawings, looking at details, observing the teams solving all sorts of practical issues on site.

  • But it’s all the people from near and far who have engaged with the project which brings a smile to my face. Here are a few moments I’ve captured over the last couple of days that I wanted to share.

    The MDM team who are working with Kere’s 1867 honeycomb plastic panels took a moment out of their day to make this coat rack… name tags and all!

  • Coatrack in 'Sensing Spaces' installation

    Photo © Royal Academy of Arts

  • Coatrack in 'Sensing Spaces' installation

    Photo © Royal Academy of Arts

    • Building Kéré Architecture's installation

      Photo © Royal Academy of Arts

      Problem solving

      I found George from MDM working out the stability options for the base of Kere’s structure after our site meeting.

    • Touching up the Grafton Architects installation for Sensing Spaces

      Photo © Royal Academy of Arts

      Finishing touches

      The crew who earlier in the day had been building Kere’s tunnel spent the afternoon carefully touching up Grafton’s work.

    • Installing Pezo von Ellrichshausen's structure in 'Sensing Spaces'

      Photo © Royal Academy of Arts

      A carpenter's work is never done

      One of the builders brought over from Chile – his first time on a plane – sawed yet another piece of timber for Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s monumental structure.

  • Kate Goodwin is the Drue Heinz Curator of Architecture at the Royal Academy.


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