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Anish Kapoor’s new paintings at Lisson Gallery

Published 25 March 2015

The Royal Academician explains how his new series of paintings in silicone and resin have a close connection to his blockbuster 2009 show at the RA.

  • “Red is my abiding obsession, partly because it has a propensity to a kind of darkness that I’ve always been very drawn to,” says Anish Kapoor RA, while standing in front of one of his new large-scale paintings at Lisson Gallery.

    It’s a statement that will resonate with those who came to his blockbuster 2009 exhibition at the Royal Academy, when sculptural works like Svayambh and Shooting into the Corner covered the gallery’s walls, floors and doorways with vivid red wax.

    The new paintings he is showing at Lisson Gallery, alongside sculptures in pink onyx and highly-polished stainless steel, use silicone and resin to create thick surface layers in a kind of hybrid between painting and sculpture.

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    Anish Kapoor RA at Lisson Gallery

    The artist discusses his new series of large-scale silicone paintings.

  • “They are very process-related, in the sense that I’m interested in all the ‘incident’ that can be found in layers. I want to make surfaces that are complex,” Kapoor says.

    “The thing about paint is that one surface almost blends into another. Because these are three dimensional, the layers sit on top of each other. I’m interested in that additive layering”.

    In the video above, Anish Kapoor explains how these new paintings are directly related to the show-stopping works that were such a hit with visitors to the RA in 2009.

    Anish Kapoor is at Lisson Gallery, London until 9 May 2015.