A taste of Sensing Spaces

Curator Kate Goodwin gives us a flavour of the upcoming Sensing Spaces exhibition

Published 6 December 2013

Sensing Spaces will transform the RA’s Main Galleries with structures, light, sounds and smells. Hear from behind the scenes as the exhibition installation gets underway.

  • How does the room you’re sitting in make you feel?

    What is it about the soaring roof of a railway station, the damp odour of a cellar, the feel of worn stone steps beneath your feet, the muffled echo of a cloister or the cosy familiarity of your lounge that elicits glee, misery, fear or contentment?

    We’ve tasked seven architects from around the world with reawakening our visitors’ sensibilities to the spaces around them – bringing to the fore the experiential qualities of architecture. From a ‘smell cave’ incorporating traditional Japanese aromas to a monumental Chilean pine structure, the RA’s Main Galleries are completely transformed.

    Watch the video to hear curator Kate Goodwin explain the show.

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