Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell (b. 2000)

Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell completed a BA (Hons) Photography at London College of Communication (2021) and is a student on the Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at RA Schools (2023 - 2026). She was selected for Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries (2021) and had her first solo show, Folklore Imaginary at 87 Gallery (2022), which was supported by UAL’s Mead Award (2022 - 2023); she is also an Artiq selected artist.

Drawing upon national, archaic and autobiographical forms of myth-making and masking, with a specific focus on excavating intergenerational narratives and collective memory – the artist engages in dialogue with the psychological dimension of existing within fluid and precarious power structures, refusing and escaping static or reductive states of being imposed upon the racialised body and the land.

Her work is in UAL’s Permanent Collection, LSE’s Marshall Building and has recently been selected for the NAE 2023 Open and New Wave at Spitalfield Studios (2023). Past residencies include Brent (2020) Artist Residency at Metroland Studios, Space A (2022) in Kathmandu and most recently La Wayaka Desert Residency (2023) in the Atacama Desert in Chile.


Current RA Schools student

Born: 2000 in London

RA Schools student from 2023 to 2026

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