Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press RA (b. 1966)

Fiona Banner often works under the moniker of The Vanity Press. She established the imprint in 1997, with her seminal book The Nam. Since then she has published many works, some in the form of books, some sculptural, some performance based. In 2009 she issued herself an ISBN number and registered herself as a publication under her own name. Humour, conflict and language are at the core of her work.

She first became known for her “wordscapes” – often heroically proportioned works that capture in her own words films, from war blockbusters to porn. She often works with the “nude”, transcribing the human form into category-defying prose. Sometimes she repurposes military aircraft to brutal, sensual, and comedic ends.

She is the Royal Academy’s Professor of Perspective.


Royal Academician


Born: 1966 in Merseyside

Nationality: British

Elected RA: 12 December 2017

Professor of Perspective: 2020 -

Gender: Female

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Preferred media: Sculpture

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