, Petition of the female students to the Keeper, F. R. Pickersgill

The Keeper of Royal Academy
F.R.Pickersgill Esqre R.A.

We, the undersigned Lady Students of your
Academy; fully recognize & appreciate, the very great
advantages, & opportunities of Study, afforded us.
At the same time we cannot but
feel conscious, that at the present time, one material
want remains, and that without the knowledge,
which the supplying of that want can alone give,
we cannot hope to rise above mediocrity, at any rate
in the highest branch of our Art
We venture therefore, knowing that you
have ever been our true friend, very respectfully
to ask you to take into consideration the practicability
of making, some arrangement, by which we may
be enabled to study from the figure Semi-draped.
If you can make such an arrangement,
we assure you that we shall be very grateful, for the
favour conferred upon us, and that we shall diligently
and conscientiously, avail ourselves of the help thus
given to our striving after excellence.
We are, Sir,
Yours very obediently,

S. Terry
E E Ellis
E. Folkerd
C.J. Atkins
Ada Stone
Annie L Beal
Henriette Rae
Ada E Taylor
Blanche C. West
Mabel Green
Emily J Shepherd
E. S Guinness
M.E. Greenhill
F Tiddeman
M B Brook
Lizzie Schutz
Rosalie M. Watson.

Mary Moody
Agnes Schenk
Emmeline Halse
Emma L. Black
Marie Prevost
Agnes Keeling
Madena Moore.
Harriet E. Vinter
Alice Hanslip
Helen Mabel Trevor
Ida Lovering
Mary K. Benson
Mary Joyce
Mildred B. Bond
Margaret Hickson
Harriette. Edith. Grace.
Eleanor Manly
Jennie Moore

Petition of the female students to the Keeper, F. R. Pickersgill

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Petition of the female students to the Keeper, F. R. Pickersgill


04 Apr 1878



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606, RAC/5/8

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To be allowed to study from a semi-draped model in the School of Painting, without which, they "cannot hope to rise above mediocrity". With 35 signatures.