J. Margaret Hadley, Parkside, Reigate, to Spielmann

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J. Margaret Hadley, Parkside, Reigate, to Spielmann


5 Jul 1935



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She warmly remembers her father's friendship with Millais, which went back to early days and lasted until the end. Wells's admiration for Alfred Gilbert's work also started early, from the time when 'Head of a Roman Girl' was causing a stir.

She explains that 'Icarus' was put before the President & Council of the Royal Academy after a unanimous reccomendation from the Chantrey Bequest committee that it should be bought. They declined and it was lost to the nation. It is now owned by Goscombe John.

She asks that he mention her intention to leave the bust to the National Portrait Gallery to Mr. Hake. She sends him a catalogue of her mother's small exhibition at the Tate Gallery.