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New prints from the RA Schools

25 March — 26 April 2015

This exhibition is now closed

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The London Original Print Fair NOW Print Prize 2015.

Printmaking at the RA Schools is flourishing. As part of a wider creative renaissance in the medium, RA students are continuing to redefine the legacy of print, finding contemporary relevance in both its historical techniques and the emerging possibilities inherent in digital technologies. Frequently, these approaches are fused with a deceptive ease and enviable élan by this generation of artists: equally adept in their hybrid utilisations of analogue, photographic, and digital languages.

As the RA Schools no longer offers traditional teaching in discrete artistic disciplines, the prints exhibited are all examples made in the Schools workshops by current students as part of their individual, expanded fine art practices. Often, these prints are made in collaboration with, and with facilitation and tuition from the team of specialist printmaking tutors at the Schools. For some of these students, this may be their first introduction to printmaking, a medium that will go on to become an essential aspect of their creative lives; for others, it serves as an alternative form of thinking: as exploration, as a complimentary component, or as an index to other art dialogues.

The RA Schools shares the distinction of simultaneously being both Britain’s oldest and its most contemporary art school. It is remarkable for being an independent environment that enables artists to develop their practices through study on a three-year, full-time postgraduate fine art course, without having to pay any fees. It receives no government funding, and its students are supported by the generosity of the RA’s Friends, Patrons, and sponsors, as well as the proceeds from sales at the RA Summer Exhibition and from RA Editions.

The prints featured in this exhibition have been short-listed for entry in the London Original Print Fair NOW Print Prize 2015, sponsored by Towry. This uniquely RA Schools-focused competition offers a prize to one student, in recognition of an outstanding use of printmaking created in this academic year. The prize will be judged by a panel of experts during the London Original Print Fair, as part of the fair’s 30th anniversary celebration.

All of the prints are available for sale, with proceeds directly supporting the RA students.

To purchase work, or for more information, please contact Joanna Thomas, RA Schools Administrator: joanna.thomas@raschools.org.uk

25 March — 26 April 2015

Gallery Cafe