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An Open Senses performance

Special events

● Fully booked

20—21 May 2017

This event has now ended

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Bittersuite performance at the RA

A new site-specific performance by Juri Nishi in collaboration with Bittersuite, as part of the Open Senses Weekend.

Umwelten (Surroundings) is a sensorial journey of choreographed voices, sounds, touch and movements inside a secret space at the Royal Academy of Arts. It heightens our awareness to change the way we perceive and embody the world around us. Each audience member is invited to construct their own imagined space through a landscape of poetry inspired by the myths and memories of Burlington House.

The immersive performance considers our haptic and phenomenological experience of architecture through the interplay of presence and absence, the sensed and the imagined.

The audience will enter their inner landscape to experience the world around them with heightened body awareness. An imaginary story will unfold around the audience through voices, sounds, touch and movements choreographed throughout a space that at first is hidden to them.

Please note that participants will be blindfolded upon entering the space. This is part of the performance, but audience members can decline if they feel uncomfortable.

Juri Nishi, artist and choreographer
Stephanie Singer, creative director of BitterSuite
Amy Neilson Smith, poet
Zara Jayne, poet

Susie Browning, Emma Laird Craig, Amy Harris, Zara Jayne, Madeline Jonsson, Juri Nishi, Amy Neilson Smith

Performances run between 11am – 6pm each day and each will last for approximately 25 - 30 minutes.

London’s Open Senses festival runs from 20-21 May. It is a weekend of art exhibitions, live events and performances, sensory journeys and walks, open studios and labs, plus a ground-breaking symposium. For full details, visit the Open Senses website.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

20—21 May 2017

Meet in the Annenberg Courtyard, outside the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly.

£8, £6 concessions