RA250 Friend & RA250 Supporter: early morning private view

Summer Exhibition 2018 and The Great Spectacle

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Thursday 5 July 2018
8.30 — 10am

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Summer Exhibition 2018

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Summer Exhibition 2017 - Gallery 5

Photo: DawkinsColour / John Bodkin

We invite RA250 Friends and RA250 Supporters to an early morning private view of the Summer Exhibition 2018 and The Great Spectacle, away from the crowds.

Join us for a special private view of both exhibitions and beat the crowds by entering the galleries before they open to the public, at an even more exclusive and intimate occasion than VIP Fridays.

Summer Exhibition 2018
In our 250th year, Grayson Perry RA takes the helm to coordinate the world’s longest running and largest open-submission show: the Summer Exhibition. The Summer Exhibition provides emerging and established artists with a unique platform to showcase their work. Famous as the world’s largest open submission show, there are certain things the Summer Exhibition delivers on every single year: a panorama of art in all mediums, a remarkable mixture of emerging artists and household names, and more to see and explore than any other exhibition you’re likely to visit this year.

As in previous years, most works are for sale, giving you the opportunity to own original artworks by leading artists of today and tomorrow. And, crucially, proceeds allow us to continue providing, free, world-class postgraduate tuition in the RA Schools.

The Great Spectacle
The Great Spectacle tells the story of 250 years of the Summer Exhibition; the world’s longest running annual display of contemporary art.

Ever since 1769, and at a succession of locations ranging from Pall Mall to Piccadilly, the Academy’s exhibition rooms have been crowded for some two months each year with hundreds of paintings and sculptures produced by many of Britain’s leading artists.

Over the last two hundred and fifty years, these spectacular displays of art – dominated by what has become a famously crowded and collage-like arrangement of pictures across the Academy’s walls – have provided thousands of artists with a crucial form of competition, inspiration and publicity, and captured the interest of millions of visitors.

This event is open to RA250 Friends, RA250 Supporters and members of the Academicians’ Room only. The latter are asked to book tickets by calling the ticketing office on 0207 300 8090.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

Thursday 5 July 2018

8.30 — 10am

Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly

£20. RA250 Friends, RA250 Supporters and members of the Academicians' Room only.