Patrons dining club: ‘Matisse in the Studio’

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Monday 31 July 2017
8.30 — 10.30pm

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Join us for a Patrons dining club in celebration of the opening of ‘Matisse in the Studio’

After viewing Matisse in the Studio, continue the conversation with fellow art-lovers and discuss the exhibition over dinner.

Henri Matisse drew his collection from the far corners of the world: Buddhist statuary from Thailand, Bamana figures from Mali, furniture and textiles from North Africa. Rarely of material value, these objects were nonetheless precious. Offering points of departure to which he could return again and again, they appear in his work in different guises and across spans of decades, reinvented afresh in each new setting.

This sumptuous exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the artist’s personal collection, as well as the paintings, sculptures and drawings it inspired. Seen together, they reveal how Matisse’s masterful vision of richness, balance and fluid energy first stemmed from the collage of patterns and rhythms which he found in the world of objects.

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Monday 31 July 2017

8.30 — 10.30pm

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£75. Includes three-course dinner with wine. Patrons only.

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