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Event management

Weekend-long art business course led by RA Experts

Short course

  • 24 February 2018, 10am — 5pm
  • 25 February 2018, 10am — 5pm
This event has now ended

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Events are at the heart of today’s experience economy. Successful events can attract attention, create opportunities, and nurture new and ongoing support. This course provides a unique and expert perspective on how to design, create and implement remarkable events that support you and your organisation’s aims and ambitions.

This weekend-course offers practical insights into event planning and management – both operationally and creatively – using the renowned Royal Academy of Arts events programme as its starting point. Lectures will focus on how to plan, design and execute world class events. While these tools and techniques are relevant in large scale and historic settings such as museums, the course covers core principles of great events which are equally applicable in any setting, including smaller and more familiar contexts.

In today’s experience-based economy, where a great deal is fighting for our attention, creative, innovative and effective events are key in attracting attention and winning support from patrons and the public. Creative and arts organisations have particular needs and ways to showcase their activities with events, but designing and implementing imaginative events is useful for organisations in any industry. Events are integral to the operations of many organisations and play a key role in stewardship, cultivation and fundraising.

This course will discuss how events operate in each of these areas, the strategy behind how each of these events are planned and shaped to provide different experiences for each guest, and how we use events to start and maintain client engagement.

The course will arm participants with the basic skills to manage events for different types of audiences, as well as key practical advice on how events are designed and managed for a variety of different purposes, including fundraising and development. It will also give specific tips on the importance of administration, and detail behind every event including the protocol for VIP and Royal visits.

Alongside specialist guest speakers, we will discuss the creative and strategic process behind the production and design of events, and different ways to approach this process whilst keeping logistics and budget in mind. In line with the most current trends, we will highlight the importance of floral and food design, and how you can use these to shape the atmosphere at any occasion.

Small group workshops around event planning and management, alongside unique access to the RA’s event spaces will provide the context and setting for the weekend-course. Discussion and feedback sessions enable hands-on practice and application of core ideas. A number of key areas will be explored in detail including (but not limited to):

• What are events for and why are they important
• What are the differences between different kinds of events, and how can these work for you
• How events are designed and created from start to finish
• What are the tools, techniques and secrets of successful event operations and logistics
• What are the impact of events and how can you fundraise from them

This course offers a thorough introduction to event design, management and implementation across a range of event types and formats.

This course forms part of a wider series of RA Expert courses. Others include:
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  • 24 February 2018, 10am — 5pm
  • 25 February 2018, 10am — 5pm

The Saloon, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly

£360. Includes all materials, light refreshments at the beginning of each day, and a social drinks reception at the end of the first day.