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Theatrical drawing: movement through space

Weekend-long practical course

Short courses

  • 10 June 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm
  • 11 June 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm

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Sir John Gilbert, R.A. (1817-1897), Leaf from a sketchbook with a drawing of “Mr Bacon’s Studio”, 1869.

Pen and ink over pencil on wove paper. 33.5 x 24.5 cm. Photo credit: © Royal Academy of Arts, London.

The RA’s historic Life Room will be elaborately set with theatrical costumes, props, drapes, mannequins and a life model for this practical drawing course focused on movement through space.

In his book Berger on Drawing (2005) the renowned art critic, novelist and painter John Berger excitedly described the paper on which he is about to draw as being not so much a clean flat page, but an “empty space”. He goes on to write;

“Its whiteness became an area of limitless, opaque light, possible to move through but not see through. I knew that when I drew a line on it – or through it – I should have to control the line, not like the driver of a car, on one plane; but like a pilot in the air, movement in all three dimensions being possible.”

During this intensive two-day drawing workshop, participants will explore notions of moving through pictorial space, creating a journey for the eye via the stitching together of successive viewpoints travelling along a vertical, horizontal or diagonal axis.

The historic Life Room at the Royal Academy will be elaborately staged with an assortment of theatrical costumes, drapes, and mannequins, as well as various oddities and props. A life model will also feature, to add dynamism to the composition. There will be strong directional lighting to further dramatise the scene provided by theatrical spots.

These objects will provide stepping stones for the eye to cross the space ahead, recording what you have seen and what you are about to see. There will be no constraint placed upon size as participants are encouraged to work in large scale as well as smaller scale, building up a panorama of the staged set.

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  • 10 June 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm
  • 11 June 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm

The Life Room, Royal Academy Schools

£240 per day. £420 for two days. Includes all materials, lunch and wine reception at the end of each day.

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