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Truth to nature: mixed media landscapes

Weekend-long practical course

Short course

● Fully booked

  • 28 April 2018, 10.30am — 5.30pm
  • 29 April 2018, 10.30am — 5.30pm
This event has now ended

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J.M.W. Turner, R.A, Dolbadern Castle (detail), 1800.

Oil on canvas. 119.4 X 90.2 cm. © Royal Academy of Arts, London/Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates Limited.

The tradition of landscape painting will be the inspiration for creating unique and colourful artworks using mixed media – including paint, collage and photo montage – led by practising artist Grace Adam.

Since the foundation of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1768, Academicians such as Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner have attempted to address the changing meaning of “truth to nature” and ideas around beauty, the sublime and the picturesque through landscape painting.

The term “truth to nature” came to prominence in the first of a five-volume publication titled Modern Painters, written by the eminent art critic and philanthropist John Ruskin in 1843. Primarily written to defend the later works of JMW Turner, Ruskin argued that the principal role of the artist was “truth to nature”; that being, the accurate depiction of nature in art.

“Wherever Turner gives blue, there he gives atmosphere; it is air, not object. Blue he gives to his sea; so does nature; – blue he gives, sapphire-deep, to his extreme distance; so does nature; – blue he gives to the misty shadows and hollows of his hills; so does nature: but blue he gives not, where detail and illuminated surface are visible; as he comes into light and character, so he breaks into warmth and varied hue; nor is there in one of his works, and I speak of the Academy pictures especially, one touch of cold colour which is not to be accounted for, and proved right and full of meaning.”
Modern Painters, John Ruskin, 1843

In this dynamic two-day workshop, participants will investigate collage, photo montage, drawing and painting techniques, working from very small to large scale to create images in response to landscape, nature and the seasons. Taking inspiration from the historic collection at the Royal Academy, as well as looking at contemporary studies, the theme of landscape will be explored in its broadest sense.

This course will take place inside, in the Royal Academy’s historic Life Room.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

  • 28 April 2018, 10.30am — 5.30pm
  • 29 April 2018, 10.30am — 5.30pm

The Life Room, Royal Academy Schools

£420. Includes all materials, lunch, and wine reception.