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Jasper Johns: ‘Something Resembling Truth’

Two-day art history and theory course

Short course

● Cancelled

  • 18 November 2017, 10am — 5pm
  • 19 October 2017, 10am — 5pm
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Jasper Johns: ‘Something Resembling Truth’

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Dan Budnik, Jasper Johns with Flags, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, 1958.

Photograph. © Dan Budnik, All Rights Reserved.

This course provides a unique opportunity to explore in detail the life and works of the Honorary Royal Academician Jasper Johns as well as providing insight into the cultural, social, political and economic context of the time.

Johns is considered to be one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. With a career spanning more than 60 years, he has gained worldwide recognition thanks to his cutting-edge artistic production and process.

From his early works which innovatively included everyday objects and familiar motifs such as flags, maps, targets, letters and numbers, he departed from the established American art movement of Abstract Expressionism and provided a base for the foundation of new artistic movements such as conceptual art and the postmodern movement of the following decades.

Drawing on the expertise of leading scholars and art world professionals, this weekend course offers a unique perspective on the artistic production of Jasper Johns and his life and environment.

Inspired by the Jasper Johns: ‘Something Resembling Truth’ exhibition, the course programme includes lectures as well as the opportunity for debate and discussion, and will include topics such as:

• The dominant art historical narrative and how Johns was able to challenge it and forge a new path in an art world that had been largely dominated by Abstract Expressionism.

• The social, economic and cultural essence of New York in the 1950s and ‘60s with a focus on Jasper Johns and his relationship with his peers in the setting of downtown Manhattan.

• The importance of artistic collaboration, focusing in particular on the fruitful creative relationship between Johns and John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Robert Rauschenberg, during the 1960s.

• The remarkable ability of Jasper Johns to experiment over 60 years with different approaches, subjects, media and methods of representation.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition and observe first hand the 150 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints of Johns’ extraordinary and long-ranging career, while gaining deep insight into the art historical and critical narratives, providing a unique opportunity to understand the significance of the artist, his life and times.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

  • 18 November 2017, 10am — 5pm
  • 19 October 2017, 10am — 5pm

The Reynolds Room, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts

£360. Includes all materials, light refreshments and a wine reception at the end of the Saturday.

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