Future figures: digital iPad painting and life drawing

Two-day practical workshop

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● Fully booked

  • 6 May 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm
  • 7 May 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm

Mark Hampson in his studio

Due to popular demand, we are repeating our specialist digital workshop led by the RA Schools’ Head of Fine Art Processes and renowned figurative artist, Mark Hampson. Explore the possibilities of electronic drawing and painting using Apple’s iPad Pro and Apple Pencil technologies in conjunction with photographic and traditional analogue methodologies.

“Anyone who likes drawing and mark-making will like to explore new media. Picasso would have gone mad with this (iPad). So would Van Gogh. I don’t know an artist who wouldn’t actually.’’

"Until I saw my drawings replayed on an iPad, I’d never seen myself draw.”

David Hockney RA

“….It’s a new medium and it’s here to stay’’

Richard Benefield, Deputy Director of the de Young Museum, San Francisco

At the formation of the RA schools in 1769, life drawing and oil painting were the central activities that dominated artists’ thinking. Their prominence dictated artistic production and greatly influenced fine art education, and they were held in high regard as the skills essential to the practise of all artists. If we fast-forward almost 250 years we recognise that artists now have an astonishing plethora of choices in the available mediums, forms, and approaches they can explore, yet drawing and painting still retain vitality and relevance for contemporary artists and their audiences.

Emerging developments in new technologies have both challenged and enhanced our collective ability to create art using painting and drawing-based approaches. Pixels and electronic light have become just as crucial in the arsenal of a contemporary artist’s thinking as oil paint, charcoal and graphite had been to previous generations.

This course will focus on the latest development and emerging possibilities in the recently launched iPad Pro with its touchscreen drawing tablet and the innovative Apple Pencil. These technologies have opened up new opportunities for artists and illustrators to draw digitally and with a more nuanced touch, sensitivity, dexterity and creative flow than had ever been thought possible before. Using this technology, artists can now alter the weight, scale and density of their line and brushwork in ways that more successfully emulate the feeling of their direct physical counterparts.

Painting and drawing introduces and develops essential skills in meditative analysis, focused discipline and acute observation, while also promoting playful experiment, hand-to-eye co-ordination and expressive gesture.

In translating these core skills and approaches via modern technology we continue to embrace these essential skills, whilst further developing an understanding of how technology can extend and enhance the possibilities of image manipulation, hybrid fusing of approach and appropriation, and contemporary image-sharing and distribution.

This event also takes place on 11-12 February 2017. These dates have now sold out.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

  • 6 May 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm
  • 7 May 2017, 10.30am — 5.30pm

The Life Room, RA Schools, Piccadilly

£420. Includes all materials, lunch and wine reception at the end of the second day.