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Art and finance unlocked

Weekend-long art business course

Short course

● Cancelled

  • 29 June 2019, 10am — 5pm
  • 30 June 2019, 10am — 5pm
This event has now ended

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Bansky, Show Me The Monet, 2005.

Courtesy Lazinc.

Oil on canvas.

This intensive weekend course offers an in-depth exploration of the world of art and finance.

Art and Finance Unlocked has been cancelled but a number of elements have been incorporated into the art business weekend course, An Insider’s Guide to the Art Market.

The art market continues to evolve and grow offering art world players and investors a range of opportunities including in collecting and investment in art and collectibles, wealth management, portfolio diversification, tax and estate planning as well as wider business and investment strategies.

Although the total market size and rate of growth is a topic of some debate, there is many indications that the artworld offers the potential for significant rewards for savvy investors. The opaque, networked and global nature of this world has also resulted in distinct forms of risk and significant uncertainty which is often difficult to predict and challenging to manage. However, it is precisely these risks, underlying uncertainties and recent developments which are critical to understand in order to make effective financial decisions for both the short and the long-term investment.

Given current geopolitical uncertainty and technological change, the art market is arguable at a critical cross-roads allowing for more engagement from a wider range of people than ever before. As the value and liquidity of some sectors of the art market develops and the contemporary art and artists provide a remarkable range of exciting opportunities to engage with the arts across a diverse range of interests areas and price points, there seems to be more opportunity in the world of art finance, than ever before.

Both collaboration as well as the fierce competition among market participants, whether they are established players or new entrants, introduces fascinating dynamics and idiosyncrasies into the market. For those who are interested in the unpacking art finance and considering a range of financial and investment opportunities, this course provides an effective and structured overview of both the limitations and challenges as well as opportunities this space has to offer.

There is a forthright and balanced consideration of both benefits as well as the limitations of taking an investment-based perspective to the art world as well as a broader consideration of a range of the value adding benefits.

Although the long-standing tension between art and money remains and there is widespread concern about what might happen if they start to conflate, it is important that those exploring the complexities of art finance should not ignore the importance of the emotional and social connections that provides, both to private individuals, professional and corporate institutions and to the general public.

On the one hand professional wealth managers and investment advisors are taking note of these opportunities and including art and collectibles as part of their advisory services and a diversified portfolio of assets. On the other hand, private individuals and collectors are benefitting from these developments to build financial and culturally and socially valuable collections for posterity.

The course, led by Dr Anna M. Dempster, author of Risk and Uncertainty in the Art World, brings together the world’s top art and business experts to share their knowledge and invaluable advice on this often impenetrable subject.

This course is ideal for anyone with a professional or personal interest in the art world. Through real-life examples and scenarios, participants will be equipped to discuss, debate and act upon topics as broad as personal collections, wealth management, risk assessment and art financing models.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

  • 29 June 2019, 10am — 5pm
  • 30 June 2019, 10am — 5pm

Wolfson British Academy Room, Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy of Arts

£520. Includes all materials, light refreshments and a wine reception at the end of day one.