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Art chat

'Matisse in the Studio'


Friday 29 September 2017
7 — 8pm

Part of our

Matisse in the Studio

events programme
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Join us for an informal, drop-in conversation and share your thoughts about our current ‘Matisse in the Studio’ exhibition.

In these book club-style discussions, we open up the floor to conversation and responses to our latest exhibitions. This month we focus on Matisse in the Studio, an exhibition which offers a rare glimpse into the artist’s personal collection of objects, as well as the paintings, sculptures and drawings they inspired. Were there objects or works of art that were of particular interest to you? How do you think Matisse’s collection influenced the subject or style of his work? Whether you’ve already seen the exhibition or are planning to visit on the night, we welcome you to come and hear what others think of the show and share your views.

Leading the conversation is Harry Baxter, an artist educator who performs tours, lectures and workshops for a variety of institutions and has worked for the Royal Academy of Arts for over a decade. His artistic practice centres around oil painting and the history of its techniques.

Drop into our cosy lounge, the Belle Shenkman Room, to share your views and hear what others think. The bar will be open next door in the Hugh Casson Room for drinks and snacks, which you are welcome to bring through. To avoid disrupting others, we will close the door after 7pm, but latecomers are welcome – just come in and join us.

● Fully booked

● Cancelled

Friday 29 September 2017

7 — 8pm

The Belle Shenkman Room, the Keeper's House, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly

Free, no booking required.