Academicians’ Room members evening private view: ‘Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932’

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Tuesday 25 April 2017
6.30 — 8.30pm

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Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932

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Evening private view

Photo © Katie Heath

Members of the Academicians’ Room are invited to an evening private view of ‘Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932’. The club room will be open as usual serving seasonal food and beverages as well as a choice of Russian-inspired cocktails.

One hundred years on from the Russian Revolution, this powerful exhibition explores one of the most momentous periods in modern world history through the lens of its ground-breaking art.

Renowned artists including Kandinsky, Malevich, Chagall and Rodchenko were among those to live through the fateful events of 1917, which ended centuries of Tsarist rule and shook Russian society to its foundations.

Amidst the tumult, the arts initially thrived as debates swirled over what form a new “people’s” art should take. But the optimism was not to last: by the end of 1932, Stalin’s brutal suppression had drawn the curtain down on creative freedom.

Taking inspiration from a remarkable exhibition shown in Russia just before Stalin’s clampdown, we will mark the historic centenary by focusing on the 15-year period between 1917 and 1932 when possibilities seemed limitless and Russian art flourished across every medium.

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Tuesday 25 April 2017

6.30 — 8.30pm

The Academicians’ Room, The Keeper’s House and the Main Galleries, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly

Free, booking required. Academicians' Room members only.

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