Podcast: Cultivating creative cities

RA Architecture

Published 26 August 2015

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, we debated how creativity can be nurtured and sustained in a global city like London.

  • London is one of the world’s most creative cities. Its thriving cultural and technological sectors contribute to the city’s economic bottom line, while also making it a great and exciting place to live.

    Creativity has come to define particular areas such as Hoxton, Hackney and in recent years parts of south London, attracting people from all over the world. But how do particular areas – and a city as a whole – become creative? Can creativity be planned for through policy or design? Should we try to protect creative places or do they have their own ‘natural’ lifecycles? Our panel discuss.


    Will Alsop RA – Director, aLL Design; Founder, TESTBED 1

    Mike Butcher – Editor at Large, TechCrunch

    Vanessa Jackson – Artist

    Munira Mirza – Deputy Mayor of London for Education and Culture

    Andy Pratt – Professor of Cultural Economy, City University London

    Tom Fleming (chair) – Director, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy